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May 15, 2002 - 10:15 pm

yesterday i went to the library and signed out two yoga videos. yeow! yoga's not all relaxing and easy as i had thought it would be. i was sweating and stretching muscles that haven't been stretched like that in ages. it felt good. i'll pop in the 2nd tape and try it out tonight. i hope it's not as new-agey as the first one was. somehow, doing yoga excercises ontop of a maui volcano doesn't get me all excited. new age my ass.

today cornelius came by and we worked on our site for a bit. it's coming along okay, but we didn't get as much done as we had hoped. after he left, i checked my email and found a rejection letter to a job i had applied for in my inbox. it was very disheartening. to make myself feel better, i drank a lot of coca cola and went on a long bike ride. i also met up with a friend of mine from school and we browsed around some downtown vinage stores. she also gave me some birthday presents which were very loverly. i came home, made dinner and then sewed some felt squares onto a white skirt i had thrifted a few weeks ago. it's looking lovely and cute and i really want to wear it out. sadly, there is no where to go this evening, so i think i will walk around my neighbourhood and buy myself a coke wearing my "new" skirt. yes, i am crazy.

tommorrow i was supposed to meet up with a freelance recruiter, but she had to cancel our meeting until june. i'm kinda sad about it cos it would be the first time i would actually have a face to face meeting with someone who could possibly give me a job. instead, i'll get up early, apply for some jobs and then spend the rest of the day out in the sun riding my bike along the sea wall. sounds good to me!

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