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March 07, 2002 - 8:48 p.m.

yesterday was a bad day. i felt like i was a truely bad person. really. i haven't felt that bad in a long, long time. yesterday i called my dear, dear friend and told her some bad news about her ex-boyfriend. i probably shouldn't have called her. i probably should have took her out for a beer or something. but i just blurted it out. she was hurt and shocked. but i felt like she needed to know. knowing about it would help her out in the long run. maybe it was the information she needed to start the process of getting over him. she had a good friend over, one of our friday nighters, so i knew that she'd be okay. but i still felt like shit. i called randy and randy told me i did the right thing. he made me feel a bit better, but i still couldn't get the bitter taste out of my mouth. when i got up this morning, i emailed her right away. she replied right away. she is a strong, strong girl. i love her and respect her. she will be okay. we made plans to meet up and watch nigella bites and eat brownies. she came over and it was good. she felt as good as she could. she called the ex, talked things over and felt better. things will get better. they just will.


today i got a lot accomplished and had fun doing it. fumi, jamie, stuart and i laughed and figured out html & javascript code, ate timbits (donut holes) and checked out cool sites like this. i could tell you about how my portfolio site will resize your browser through the use of easy-peasy javascript code, but you don't want to hear about that (and really, why would you?) it was cold but sunny and i could feel my breath and it even snowed for a minute or two. it was nice. i smiled lots. i bonded with the good people in my class. i didn't even get terribly upset with the stupid australian rich boy who made fun of me cos i couldn't afford to buy a can of paint (grrrrrr). thanks go to nicole for her customs-delayed mixed tape. mail has suddenly become more interesting! this weekend i will shoot my portfolio film and it will kick ass. tommorrow i will compress my movies from last term and make them available on the net. i will feel good and do lots. friday night will be session two of church pants and we will kick ass and be beautiful. hooray!!

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