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March 11, 2002 - 9:05 a.m.

i'm sick. again! dammit. friday night i was all nauseous and felt like throwing up but i was a trooper and all and jammed with the church pants gang. afterwards, we ate green curry and perogies and i strangely enough felt better. until i awoke the next morning, that is. i missed a final cut pro workshop on saturday cos i was nauseous until i took a gravol and then i was just a stoopid lump. i slept all day. at 12:30 am, the oliver platt boy came over for a bit. we hugged, we kissed, he cried (he's feeling very sad and messed up), he left. i had a great sleep. sunday i shot my movie. i think it will suck big time. it's not at all how i want it. my kitchen is too small for me, a camera, a boom mic and pink iced cupcakes. did i tell you i was doing a cooking show? i hope i'll be able to use some footage or else my idea will have to be scrapped. the good thing was that the cupcakes i made tasted really great! and i had strangely enough energy to make a yummy shepherd's pie. my mom emailed me the recipe yesterday and it was better than i had remembered. yum! when all else fails, there is always good food. and now it is today. monday. i feel gross. no longer nauseous, but crampy and fluish. my period came late and furious and i'm sick. hello monday!

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