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March 06, 2002 - 10:22 a.m.

yesterday was fun. the creative juices have stopped flowing. panic is rising. why can't i get things organized? yesterday i only accomplished one thing for school. but i also made yummy brownies -- frosting and all -- for the oliver platt boy (it was his birthday, afterall). i went to bed at midnight and woke up bright and early at 3:58am. not good. i was up for an hour or so coming up with a little flash page idea. it wasn't working very well as i just wanted to get my ass back into bed and away from the computer. by five thirty, my wish came true and i was snoozing soundly until 10am. and now i feel like shit. why?? ack. to top things off, i'm out of cream for my coffee. grrrrrrr.

back to fun. yesterday i had a class on information architecture. it was very interesting. the teacher was great. i showed him my stuff and he seemed pretty impressed. i am actually very impressed with my designs for my print package. very cool. hooray! after class, fumi, jamie and i played tons of games from jotto, my favorite site ever. then i went home and chatted with the oliver platt boy, made brownies and he came over with dinner and wine. it was nice. did i mention that i didn't get anything done?? ack.

song for today: dress sexy for my funeral, smog.

p.s. for some reason i'm not getting any email notifications about any guestbook entries and i haven't been all week, so i just checked out my guestbook and there are all these lovely entries and good words. thanks to all!!!!

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