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January 12, 2002 - 12:37 p.m.

like most saturdays that i have spent for the past six months, i am at school. sadly, no one else from my class is here and i'm too frustrated to set up the premiere station by myself. hence, me on diaryland.

when i got my scholarship to the vancouver film school to study new media, i hoped that i would find some like minded creative souls within these sterile hallways. i regret to inform you that i was sadly disillusioned. yes, there are loads of young kids with daddy's money (the tuition is well over twenty grand) who want to make tons of cash making video games. these are not my kind of folks, for the most part.

besides the students here, the teachers and curriculum don't try to have students think critically or even creatively about their projects. move from one project/software to the next and so on and so on. we are loaded with information and then we quickly move on to the next thing.

this is term four out of five terms. it is the digital video term. our first project is to make a documentary and i'm very excited having a slight background with making short videos and absolutely loving documentary films. my doc project will be on the subject of 'underemployment' as it is something that i've always experienced and so have all of my friends. when i asked some other classmates what they would do for their docs, i was mostly shocked. here is a typical answer (word for word): "i'm gonna pay a ho and get her to tell me some of her most freakiest tricks or i might just go down to main & hastings and pay a junkie to shoot up on film". yup. these are my classmates. my teacher's idea of a documentary is to watch something on biography (!!). ack. no one in my class has even seen american movie or an errol morris film or even something more tradtional like ken burns doc on jazz. this will be an interesting term.

back to work i go. hooray.

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