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January 10, 2002 - 7:13 p.m.

i just called the oliver platt boy. i just wanted to hear his voice and to make sure that he was real. not in real love kind of real. but just to make sure that there was a boy who thought kind and nice things about me. our conversation went well. i like talking to him on the phone. i like talking to him on the phone perhaps better than i like receiving his emails that tell me how beautiful i am and the one hundred things that he likes about me. talking on the phone is less scary. there is less pressure. i don't feel like i am reading words that can be interepreted as a bit off or kinda scary. not that he's been scary mind you, it's just that he professes love and he hardly knows who i am. that is a bit scary. but talking on the phone was good. he isn't strange and i think that he will be a good friend and that i don't have to worry about what my feelings are towards him or his towards me. things will be fine. he has asked me out on another date for next week. i agreed. i'm sure it will be good.

i'm positive.

song for now: perfect for shattering, the ladybug transistor

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