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December 25, 2001 - 11:58 p.m.

song for today: christmastime in the mountains, palace brothers.

christmas had always been a holiday of much stress and unhappiness when i was growing up. my dad was angry and would speak to no one. my mom would slave all day in the kitchen for little thanks. yarg. thankfully, i haven't had a "family" christmas in over 7 years. hoooray!

last night i spent the night at kristens where we immediately filled our bellies with panzarotti and chocolate chip ginger cookies. yum. i stayed over and in the morning we opened presents and drank hot tea. i headed the three blocks back to my house and proceeded with the turkey. dan and pam came by with presents and hot toddy in toe. nothing better than a hot alcoholic drink at noon, i say. ryan called to say hello. needless to say, i was pleasantly surprised. then later, everyone came by for a lovely dinner and more presents. ah, i love my friends. kyla and randy were the last to leave and we watched "the grinch who stole christmas" with a round of hugs to end the evening. sigh. did i mention how much i love my friends??

most of the dishes are done. the stock pot is on filling the kitchen with it's heavenly aroma. and i am ready for bed.

christmas just keeps getting better and better.

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