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December 23, 2001 - 10:29 a.m.

on friday the moment finally came. i met david lester.

david lester is my neighbour and he lives just across the hall from me. he is also a member of the seminal vancouver band mecca normal (who had a brief fling with matador in the '90's) and publishes his own chapbooks and stories. i've had a crush on him ever since i saw him play at the malcom lowery room when i first moved to vancouver. he plays guitar pete townsend style with arms flailing in giant windmills, jumping up and down and going absolutely crazy. then i would see him from time to time wandering the drive or at the local community centre gym. then a couple years ago, i had a table at a zine fair that was right next to his table. we exchanged a few brief words but that was all. then when i was checking out this apartment building as a potential living space, i saw david lester walk into the building. the deal was sealed. i would live in david lester's building. then when i was checking my mail, i noticed that his mailbox was right next to mine. we were next door neighbours! i had been trying to catch him on the stairs or in the lobby for sometime, but have never been too successful. but on friday, we both walked into the building at the same time and i pounced like a tiger. i said something fan-like: "you're david lester!" (or something similar). i played the gushing fan and he played the cool, calm and collected older man in his high top red converse sneakers and horn-rimmed glasses. very sexy, indeed. now i can knock on his door for sugar anytime!

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