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December 18, 2001 - 10:47 p.m.

tommorrow will be day three of work and i have to say it: i hate work. i quit this job 6 months ago to go to school full time and being back only 2 days has made me realize how lucky i really am. it's really not a horrible job. tho i can't wait until janice's lung re-inflates. i worked as a program assistant at an esl school. good pay. decent hours. what's the problem? well, there is the usual office gossip and backstabbing, but it's even worse here as the school is run by a couple who used to date for 10 years and broke up cos he started seeing another chickie and his daughter from a previous marriage works there as well. add to the mix that he is sueing she for her house and also the daughter is sueing she for a share in the company. makes for a frustrating 8 hour day. i do my job but there is always the rumbling that isn't quite below the surface. and the rumbling is what makes things hard.

oh, i can't wait for friday and have my holidays truely start!

oh happy day: today i finally figured out what i will make my friends for christmas. hooray!

list of things to do before work tommorrow: