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December 08, 2001 - 7:33 p.m.

hungover and happy. did i go to school all day like i had planned? no way. i could barely raise my head off my pillow until 2:30 pm and then could only shuffle along like a turnip for the rest of the day. i met up with kyla for some lunch and errands. tonight will be quiet. i will string lights and decorate my christmas tree and then watch oh brother where art tho. and eat vegetables.

last night randy, kyla, patsy and i spent the evening at the sugar refinery drinking too many pale ales with lemon slices. it was loads of fun. i was feeling pretty cute in my pigtails, striped tee, wooley cardigan and my shlumpy jeans. i was ready to charm the world. i fell deeper into crushville with masa (patsy's genius jazz sax playing roomate) and this time we actually got to talk. he has the nicest eyes and looked into mine when we spoke. sigh. one day we will talk more and maybe one day, a kiss. well, a girl can dream can't she? i also chatted up the evening with some other stranger boy and it was nice talking to someone new -- even if he was a theatre major wearing leather pants. he invited me to a show at the grunt gallery tonight but i respectfully declined. nice for the ego but no thank you.

i had my journal with me and i passed it around the table for people to write and draw in it. drunken sentiments and streams of consciousness about past loves, noise music, dreams, friends. reading them over this afternoon i felt real. patsy wrote my favorite page and i'd love to share it here but it wouldn't be the same without the drawings and context.

life is once again good or at least, good for now.

so right

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