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December 11, 2001 - 10:36 a.m.

i burnt my toast, flipped it over to the less burnt side, buttered it and ate it. i don't give a fuck. it's that kind of day.

i was at school last night until the last skytrain left the station but i am so close to finishing my flash project that things are starting to get exciting again. oh i can't wait until school is over...just a few hours work left to do and life will start being fun again.

video term starts in january and i can't wait to start making movies again. i will film my documentary project during the break and might even begin to shoot the final project if i have the time. i have lofty goals and my expectations are even higher. which could be a bad thing... my previous 3 videos played at festivals (festivals no one goes to) around the country and were made under the guidance of my prolific video genius friend meesoo. now i'll have to do something all on my own and i'm a little bit nerve-racked. i mean it was my portfolio that got me the scholarship to vfs and although my zines were a big part of it, my videos i'm sure also played their part. oh fuck. expectations exist only in my own head and i usually end up surprising myself anyway. one day i'll get some confidence in me yet!!

yup, it's a burnt toast kind of day.

song for this moment: run, run, run. the velvet underground

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