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December 07, 2001 - 1:51 p.m.

can this day get any better?? wow. today is good. no snarls. no whimpers. no weenies.

the goodness started flowing as soon as i got to school and realized how prepared i was for my audio exam. and whats more was that everyone else in class also realized my genius. oh yeah, i'm that smart. well, smart assed anyway. then this jeff, an esl korean, complimented me on my lovely striped scarf and then said "you are good". when i laughed, he said again "you are good. really. i think." haha. have i told you how much i love boys who speak with broken english? aw shucks.

but wait, there's more!

i went to my p.o. box this morning and found two large packages from merge records. free cds!! very exciting indeed especially since i went to a record store and couldn't think of a single record. what was in my loot bag? a soundtrack from stephin merritt (of course it's lovely. with xmas music too!), the ladybug transistor, superchunk (i didn't even know they were still around), and 2 portastatic cds. i bet you are all wondering how did i manage this coup of cd free goodness. all i can say is that i'm one smart cookie with loads of talent. well, not really. i review music in my zine. zine = good.

so i put up ryan's song on a web page as part of my final audio project. if you want to hear it (and i'm sure you do), all you have to do is click right here. now can you see why he breaks my heart so much??

lovely day, n'est pas? oui!

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