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December 01, 2001 - 11:30 p.m.

it's hard trying to write down all my thoughts with my new cd blaring out at me cos all it makes me wanna do is boogie-woogie-oogie all over my parkay floors (thanks meesoo).

so today hasn't been so bad. i had seven hours of sleep and i was rather chipper all day. i had a leisurely morning that started with a yummy solo breakfast of vanilla yoghurt and frozen sour cherries along with the best coffee in the world. pure heaven. rubber soul blared loudly while i showered and dressed. and i only became slightly annoyed with the low frequency hum that buzzed out of my left speaker in my old baycrest record player (it's an old portable that packs up into a suitcase for impromptu parties). then it was off to school to add audio f/x to my 3d animation. what fun!

the bus ride home was an added bonus as i feared that the drunk man hovering over me would vomit on my head. thankfully, i got off at my stop clean-smelling and no worse for wear. phew! i then stopped off at cosmopolis to pick up a painting that i had bought last month at the kao show. my first actual art piece! very exciting!! its a painting (on a round canvas frame!) of a space boy playing a guitar with the caption "love music". oh, i do! it's hanging in my kitchen and it looks even lovelier than i had imagined. now my kitchen is truely set for some solo boogie dancing.

but wait, it gets better.

i went over to kyla's for a bit and helped her set up her christmas tree. it's one of those silver tinsel ones and it looked stunning with pink lights. it almost made me feel festive! then kyla and randy came over and we had a lovely themed evening. what theme you ask? it was a "half baked" night. randy's choice. we watched half baked, got baked, and ate ben & jerry's half baked ice cream (along with cheezies, nachos, coca cola and veggie weiners wrapped in pilsbury). oooohhhh yeah. don't even ask me the last time i actually ate a full serving of vegetables.

one funny thing that made me laugh: kyla told me that at the xmas party last night, sara looked like the bride of frankenstein with clown make-up on. hahaha. yes, kyla works with ryan and sara. it's a small, small world.

so i'm inspired by mal's contest on her site and i'm thinking of having a contest of my own. i will make a mixed tape (based on a theme) and throw in a copy of my zine for the lucky winner. hell, the chances are pretty good for my two readers out there!! what's the deal?? well all you have to do is post me a message in my guestbook and tell me why you deserve to win. be warned: flattery will get you everywhere!


i'm not that greedy, am i?

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