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November 30, 2001 - 10:18 p.m.

my friday night ritual has been broken. kyla and randy are at a work xmas party and then off to see mercury rev. there was no room for me at the inn and i'm too broke to see mercury rev. lucky me. i called up kristen and meesoo but they weren't around. i debated about going back to school cos i really have to finish my audio and get working on my flash project, but the rain whipping at my window made that decision for me. so i'm spending the evening washing my bathroom walls, hanging up pictures and sweeping the floors. whoopeeee!

what can i say, it's been a bad week.

just a quick rundown of key events: forgot to set alarm = sleeping in , crying in flash class, 3-4 hours sleep per night, feeling fat and ugly (oh wait, that happens every week!), school stress x 100, seeing lee and his ubercute japanese girlfriend, my bangs need trimming.... oh there's more, i'm just sparing you the details.

lest i forget, george, my favorite beatle, died.

before anyone gets worried, here are some wonderful things: