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November 17, 2001 - 6:39 p.m.

i had 4 hours of sleep, i'm hungover and i only lasted one hour at school. what the fuck, it's saturday.

last night i went to the sugar refinery with kyla and randy to see patsy's other band play (band name that i'm so reluctant to type, let alone say out loud: cunt). it was actually a lot of fun. we drank lots of beer and we ended up dancing in the back room and singing old '50's songs badly. somewhere in between, i fell madly into crushville with masa, patsy's roommate. i didn't even speak with him, but it was nice to think about a boy other than ryan. and i know where he lives!

best thing i ate today: a bowl of coconut chicken soup from the vietnamese restaurant on the corner. i shared it with meesoo. mmm mmm good.

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