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September 19, 2008 - 10:50 am

It's foggy and grey outside which is a real change from the very nice and hot summer weather we've been having this month. Of course, I was sick throughout most of the good times. C'est la vie.

This week I got a very lovely and unexpected monetary surprise from a huge mega corp whose name rhymes with Wisney. A photo-editor was cruising Flickr for photos for their parenting magazine and decided to give me $$$ for use of a pretty crappy photo of mine. Hooray! Free money is the best. Now I am seriously dreaming of a trip that I can take. Maybe I can get them also to give me free tickets to Wisneybland! Now that would be fun.

I am obsessed with taking a trip. I guess since the last trip I took was to my parents that that ain't a vacation. I'm also obsessed with finding a new place to live. I'm thinking of upping and moving it to the East Coast of Canada since housing is so much cheaper but then there would be the huge adjustment of not living in an urban area. What to do? Vancouver and the whole West Coast is so isolating whereas the Maritimes offers plenty of small and easy short trips. Boston? NY? Montreal? PEI? Newfoundland? Oh yeah! Lots of things to think about.

Work is going really well. Lots of short projects that pay well. Short is key! I'm also working up the guts to take my note cards to stores or at least approach stores to sell my cards. What can I say...I'm a bit of a chicken in that regard. I hate rejection. I've already sold 2 large wholesale orders to 2 shops–one in Belgium and one in Halifax–so I think it's time I get them in stores around town and other places in between!

All in all, I'm pretty excited about September, now that my cold is pretty much over with. I'm back to the gym which is great and I've got goals and dreams which seem attainable. Plus, there's the Vancouver Film Festival which starts shortly and there's something special about sitting in a dark theater on a sunny afternoon. I'm ready.

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