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February 28, 2007 - 9:48 am

Hooray! We have a new apartment to move into at the end of next month. I'm so excited. It has absolutely no character but it does have an extra bedroom, a balcony with views of downtown and the mountains and the laundry room is next door. It's really good because this past Friday we had a fucking FIRE in our bedroom. Apparently some old tenant had installed an extra outlet by cutting into the live wire in the light switch and it was a total hack job. On Friday night, after plugging in the space heater, it broke out into flames and made that scary snap crackle and pop noise. I immediately unplugged the heater and the flames subsided and put themselves out. The next day we got ourselves tenant insurance.

Yesterday was so sunny that I went out for a bike ride and basked in the glow. The mountains were all snowy and unreal looking and I fell hard again for the beauty of this city.

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