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February 22, 2007 - 4:58 pm

Man, I hate diaryland. Why am I using such an outdated journaling platform when there are others out there that are so much better? It's my archive pages, that's why. I've been sticking with the moniker "oh-sweet-pea" & dland since 2001 and that my friends, is why it's so hard to leave. So much of my life is here in pixels and although I could back everything up and pull the plug off this webspace, there's just something endearing about holding on and staying put. It's true that I've got other places where I hang my internet hat, but this place is close to my heart. So much history, so much crap. It's all here and I'm sure not many people read this thing now, but I know a few of you do and for that I'm thankful that you've held on as well. Anway, last night I drew up something new and didn't know what exactly to do with it...so it's here taking up space as my new header. I like it. Now, if only I could make changes to my guestbook or hell, even make it work again (screw you Sign YourGuestbook.com!!)

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