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October 22, 2006 - 11:34 am

While I've been busy working full time hours, Cornelius also has been doing the same. He had been asked to fill in for the supervisor at the library branch he works at while she was away on vacation, which meant full time hours for 2 weeks instead of his casual auxillary hours. So as our schedules have melded, we've been sharing in the respite of the working world, known as The Weekend. On Friday nights, we head out to a pub to drown the sorrows of our daily grind over a few pints of beer and a game of cards. On Saturdays, we eschew any kind of freelance work or errands for a day of fun. Sunday mornings are relaxed and lazy (as they should be) but Sunday evenings are different. A tension fills the air. Dinner isn't just put away, instead the leftovers make it into little plastic take-away containers for the next days lunch. A watchful eye is kept on the clock because an earlier bedtime means a hassle-free wake up on Monday.

As a kid, I hated Sunday nights. They made me restless and nervous. I remember thinking that the Bryan Adams song "Run to You" was a perfect Sunday night song. I hated it and it made my stomach toss in uneasy knots. Although I can't pinpoint the perfect Sunday night song nowadays, I know it when I hear it. It's slightly maudlin, slightly aching and anxious in sentiment and tone, and it makes me skip to the next song on iTunes.

I'm not sure how exactly I will fill my Sunday afternoon. It might be running errands, cleaning house or just riding around town on my bike for a last ditch attempt at Free Time. But with the days getting darker sooner, Sunday night will be reach me quicker than last week and quicker still for the 2 more remaining weeks of full time work. Sunday nights fill me with dread.

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