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October 15, 2006 - 5:24 pm

I guess I've been ignoring this little diary and I certainly don't mean to. I like this little space and I should try to keep the cobwebs out of the corners.

I have 2 weeks left out of my 7 week contract at my old job. I'm liking the money and the social aspects and it's nice to have a regular schedule. However, the last week left me a bit bummed out. The previous week, I got to design the concept and graphics and well, everything for a really cool project. I was pretty excited with what I had come up with and when it was shown to the client during the first round of changes, it got rave reviews. My supervisor thinks it will win her department an award. Whooo, right? Unfortunately, because I'm on contract and not really "part of the team" I can't take credit for it or even get acknowledgement. The supervisor has pretty much taken me off the project now that it's almost complete (except for minor text edits from the client). I think she's removing me so that she can actually do some work on the thing and therefore feel okay that "her team" (minus me) created this stunning piece of marketing. The client has come to the office 3 times this week to say how this is so radically different and edgy from anything the marketing department has done for them before and it is so perfect for the client (a film studio being pitched to all the hollywood bigwigs). A total bummer.

In other bummer news, the company that I interviewed with 3 times in the summer finally got back to me. Unfortunately, their job offer was so fucking low that they couldn't even provide a conter-offer that was suitable. Suckage. Why is it so hard to find valuable work? I think I'm talented enough and I certainly work hard at what I do, I just don't understand why I can't get paid a decent wage for my work. So frustrating!

But yesterday was nice. I found a lovely polka dot peter-pan collared shirt that looks quite nice and Cornelius and I spent the afternoon in a cozy little hotel bar drinking fancy drinks and playing cards. I'm smitten with dark little hotel bars. I can't wait until our next little find for a cool fall afternoon.

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