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December 19, 2005 - 10:54 am

I've been quite busy getting ready for Christmas: sending out cards, baking up a storm, crafting and planning future crafts! I also have to-do lists coming outta my ying-yang (wherever that is!) and I'm actually crossing things off and getting things done. Whooo! I did fend off 2 party invites for yesterday and managed to cross off more things on my list. The party invites keep coming - one tonight and one Wednesday night and I'm hoping to gather up some friends for Thursday night and go to see the Festival of Lights. I've never been to the gardens before and I'm sure they're all pretty all lit up with twinkly lights. Last night I was around St. Pauls' Hospital and the light display there is so incredible. The tunnel of stars is topped by a a very cool atomic flickering starburst. I'm easily dazzled.

Time to get on with the day. I've got cheques to pick up at the bank, more cards to send out, gifts to wrap and hummous to make for tonight's bowling party.

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