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November 29, 2005 - 3:57 pm

It's fucking freezing in this apartment. Last winter I didn't work from home, so I didn't have the need to wear gloves while tap-tap-tapping at the computer. I'm not really wearing gloves cuz all I have are mittens. sodkfaosnfoasidnfosdinf!

Instead of listening to music on my computer, I'm listening to records so that after every side I can walk across the room and turn over the record to play the other side or be crazy and pick something new. It keeps me warm. Right now I'm listening to Springsteen's "Nebraska". Earlier it was "Band on the Run" and before that "Rumours". I realize that I never venture to look at Cornelius' record collection. We keep our records seperate because his suck for the most part. He does own some wonderful records (Jim O'Rourke's "Eureka", almost every Fall album and a huge Donovan collection), but he has a penchant for Supertramp-y type bands and early electronic new agey stuff like Kitaro. He even owns a Maria Muldour record ("Midnight at the Oasis" may get stuck in my head at times, but it should only belong on a mix.) It's like he's middle aged and he's only 32 (don't make any cracks about my own listening habits!) Years ago I interviewed Alan Zweig who made the documentary "Vinyl" and I asked him about his thoughts on combining record collections with your loved ones. Although he had never done so himself, he was a believer in mixing up collections (unless of course, your collection was something inherently unmixable) as it showed true commitment. Well, I have to disagree with Mr. Zweig. Combining records only causes confusion and weirdness during a breakup (I speak from experience losing a Dear Nora 7 inch and gaining an extra copy of the Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks"). Not that I'm covering my ass by not combining collections with C -- it's more of a stand based on my good taste! Ha!

I'm so close to closing 2 projects!! Plus, I've got my regular clients that still give me work on an almost daily basis. It's such a good feeling. We've got 2 more projects coming up this December and another 2 that will be a go for January. Hooray!! I feel pretty good about work related things. I felt pretty shitty in the late summer when I was broke and had nothing on the horizon but I'm glad there has been such a turnaround lately. Even though I am freezing my ass here, I am happy and cannot wait for the Christmas season to really start. On that note, if anyone can help me out by finding me (cough, cough) the Low Christmas EP, I will be truely grateful. A cd exchange, perhaps?

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