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November 27, 2005 - 11:37 pm

watched the news on cbc and saw a cool report on a city in sweden where they've cut all use of fossil fuels. instead, they burn garbage, and the waste from slaughter houses and other industries is used to make energy and use biodiesel for their cars. pretty interesting considering that canada has a poor environmental record. after the news, there was an animated short about the life of animator ryan larkin who went from creating influential animations in the '70's for the nfb to being currently homeless and pan-handling in montreal. definitely a facinating story.

today i went to kristen's to silkscreen some xmas crafts. it's tough because i'm impatient and like to see instant results. i've always been impressed with my gocco, but using photo emulsion is a whole new can of worms. it takes forever to set up a screen and you never know what the results will be like. two weeks ago, i had no luck. either the emulsion was off (ie. old) or i didn't put it on smoothly enough or i didn't burn it long enough. who knows, things didn't go as planned. today, things went much better, but the results weren't perfect and it killed me to wait and wait and see if everything would work out as i hoped they would. i've been thinking about getting set up at home with everything i'd need to silkscreen, but i'm not sure if i'm down with all the work involved. i hate waiting and seeing and it seems like that's just how it goes.

it's definitely time for me to get to bed. i'm tired and i just want to curl up with my book and fall asleep. its been a long weekend.

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