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November 10, 2005 - 11:27 am

i'm not very skilled in the art of self-portraits, especially since our place is so dark and i totally do not have a steady hand, but this is my new haircut!

notice the swept away bangs? aren't they lovely? maybe not so lovely in the photo, but trust me, they look swell in real life. i loved my new hairdresser and we got along really well. she passed along the correct phone number of my old hairstylist whose cel phone got lost, so now i have 2 great hair dresser options. i feel so lucky! since i couldn't give my stylist the web photo, i gave her a photo of carrie brownstein from an issue of bust as a kind of a reference point and my haircut looks pretty similar.

i'm so glad to have made the change. hello fringe!

as an extra treat, i went into the regional assembly of text shop and bought myself some bird wall art (much more amazing in real life). i'm thinking it would be a good gift for someone, but i really also want to keep it for myself. maybe i'll have to ask cornelius to buy me a set for xmas, so that i can pass along this set to someone else. i also stopped in at a small shop that sells cheap dish towels. I bought a few of the plain ones an plan on doing some silkscreening on them. Instant xmas craft! I also have a few other ideas for xmas craftiness and i'm pretty excited about it!

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