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October 15, 2005 - 1:22 pm

this is a very scary article on climate change. cornelius read it over a week ago & is still in a funk. i just read it now and it is a depressing read. i'm sure george bush's new energy plan that includes the use of coal certainly won't help things. coal??! what the fuck. jesus!

last night, i decided it was time to clear out my closet. i got rid of a ton of jeans, shirts, jackets and ripped things i will never repair. i'm thinking of keeping the jeans to make a quilt like i saw in this month's MSL magazine.

the past two days as a working girl has been good. i really like my old coworkers and tho i hate waking up early and dressing in boring corporate gear, i'm generally feeling pretty positive about it all. the bike rides in the morning are a nice wake up call and passing all the old chinese men & women doing tai chi in the school yard seems so sweet. coming home in rush hour traffic, is another matter altogether. on thursday i almost got hit by a speeding van on powell that came within inches of me and set my bike all wobbley. if i would have had to pass some broken glass or hit a deep crack, i most certainly would have been hit. friday, i decided to take the long way around and just stick to the bike paths. longer route, yes. more peaceful and less death-defying, definitely.

this morning i woke up feeling congested and sick. i hope it won't last. i've got so many thing to get done with and a volunteer party to go to tommorrow night.

and just for fun: an excellent use of cardboard

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