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March 29, 2005 - 8:56 am

it's 2 minutes to 9am and i'm ready for work. jeans are on and i've got a button down shirt and a cardigan on. i'm also barefoot and eating a bowl of cold cereal. ah, the pleasures of working from home! really, i don't think there is a lot on my plate today for which i am truely grateful for. i took the easter weekend and ran with it and totally forgot that my bowling league was last night (what?! it wasn't cancelled so that jesus could rise & then relax the next day??) my gym routine was lax as well. sure the gym was closed on friday and monday, but it was open on saturday and sunday and as i was in 4-day weekend mode, i didn't break a sweat at all.

last night in my apartment, i started to smell smoke. i poked my head out into the hallway and noticed the air was hazy and skylar, the guy who lives downstairs, was quietly touching all of our neighbours doors seeing if any doors were hot. we decided to call the fire department since something was definitely wrong. it turned out that someone had put out a cigarette into a plant pot and the plant had been smoldering all day. when the fire department bust into the apartment, the air was heavy with smoke and the renters were gone for the weekend. oi! c and i had been talking about getting rental insurance but figured we'd get it after we were married, as it's cheaper for married couples to get renter's insurance than unmarried couples. forget that! i'm calling places today.

a friend of mine sent me this link & mentioned it would be good entertainment for my wedding: http://www.belindabedekovic.com/video_fl_en.htm
oh my goodness, it is the funniest thing i've seen in a long while. those crazy croatians!

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