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April 01, 2005 - 1:41 pm

today i finally received my paycheque that should have been in my hands on march 15. i haven't had any incoming money since my last cheque on january 31. yikes! luckily, my standard of living is really low (cheap rent, bike/walking my only transportation) and tho i indulge with new clothes and restaurant meals, i still can live cheaply. i'm pretty pissed about my cheque arriving late and i'm also pissed that it's missing $140 from the total amount i invoiced them. what the fuck??!! i've sent them an email and left a voice message and haven't heard anything yet.

last week i got new clients and i'm really excited to work for them. so far, it's been a dream. why can't all clients be like this??

last night we ordered in pizza and i was all settled in to watch the oc and damn, my plans were spoiled! no oc. instead there was just a tv show with that chick from buffy (the kind about "i see dead people" blech)...so the tv was turned off and we read instead. i turned it back on after 11pm just so that i could watch reruns of 'my so called life'. damn, i'm so hooked on that show all over again. needless to say, i'll get my teen drama where ever i can find it.

tonight it's cornelius' grandma's birthday. we're going to the ihop. the ihop!!! what the fuck? i've only been to ihop once before and i it sucked. years ago i went with randy and sean to see "palace" play in seattle and ihop was sean's most favorite place to eat, so we had to go. i'm not a pancake fanatic and i was a vegetarian at the time, so there wasn't much in the way of food that i could eat. my cheddar-broccoli soup was disgusting and i since vowed never to step foot inside an ihop again. but family obligations come first and now we'll be heading en masse to the ihop in white rock. c's dutch side of the family is a bit white trash and the pancakes seal the deal. it will be an interesting evening to be sure.

(my, i'm bitter today!)

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