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March 08, 2005 - 12:29 pm

last night was bowling night...yes, as strange as it sounds, i have a bowling night. i'm a league player now, so don't mess with me! naturally, i am the shittiest bowler on the team and despite my normally competitive behaviour, i couldn't care less and i don't know the difference between a strike and a straight. maybe this isn't the best kind of attitude for a league player to carry around. we bowled three games and i got better each time - first game: 48, second game: 61, third game: 88. not bad. i knocked down all the pins twice! whoooo.

the best part about bowling is watching the oldsters. i think i fell in love with the owner of the bowling alley. wearing a stylish seer-sucker shirt, dockers and the most kick-ass eye-glass frames around, this man was senior stylin' sexy! he had all the right moves, plus he called me a "pretty young lady" so he gained my favour pretty quickly. a few lanes down, was another pretty amazing dude. sporting a cardigan as well as stylish eye-glass frames, this man was going blind (!blind!) and yet was able to bowl over 200 every single game. his league buddies would just let him know which direction he needed to bowl in. incredible!

after i came home, me and c started thinking about honeymoon destinations. ideally, we'd love to go to europe (holland via poland to lithuania), but it's unlikely we could afford such a trip. our other idea was a road trip to the southwest states: utah, new mexico, arizona, with some california and maybe even a bit of mexico thrown in. then i started to look online for cheap hotels in nyc, but everything under $100 a night seemed dodgy. if anyone has any decent cheap hotels/hostels in nyc area, i'd love to know what is out there!

the warm sunny weather seems to have disapeared. it's raining outside and i've got no work to do. i'm thankful for the weekday peacefulness, but i want to do more than just clean house. after i head to the gym, i think i might actually go and look for dresses. or maybe i'll watch the video that came with my print gocco. on the weekend i designed my invites and i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out in illustrator. now i'll have to figure out if i can even silkscreen the damn things. ah weddings.

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