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February 05, 2005 - 10:03 am

i think c and i will become mountain-heads. we will be seeing black mountain in anacortes next friday and then we'll see them again the next night in seattle with the mountain goats. we're also planning on seeing them later this month when they open for oneida here in vancouver. oh boy, mountain overload. but i'm okay, i love their record.

last night we went on a movie & dinner date. we finally saw 'steve zizou and the life aquatic' and i really liked it, despite the shallowness that wes anderson seems to be taking lately. we then headed to incendio's for great salad (greens topped with goat cheese, candied almonds and the best strawberry/ginger dressing ever), great pizza and lots of delicious beer. it was a nice friday to end a strange week.

working from home has been weird, mainly because my computer is a dinosaur and everything seems to take forever. i had my interview, which seemed to go well -- thank you diaryland well-wishers!! despite a good connection with my interviewer, it was a bit strange: the office was tiny and staffed by 4 young guys and there was a motorcycle in the room (?). definitely a hip-guy vibe. who knows. friday morning i went to the new office hq to check out how my new bosses live....and unfortunately their offices require public transit & 2 transfers. but, i probably only have to visit them twice a month, so it's not a big deal. the good thing was that i did get a good feeling about them, so that was reassuring and made me feel better about my position there. i'm still going to look for something better, but at least i'm happy for now.

right now, i'm going to finish my very strong coffee and relax. i'm going to enjoy this weekend gladly.

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