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February 03, 2005 - 12:11 pm

i've got a job interview today at 3pm and i'm nervous. this is a pretty exciting company with good clients and fun work. i don't have every skill that they had listed in the job posting, but they called me anyway. i guess that's a good sign...but i hate job interviews and generally don't do well at them. i'm definitely prepared, but i know that if i don't have a good connection with the interviewer or if i just get too dang nervous, all that preparation will go out the window. luckily, my old boss just met with this company as they were bidding for a job, so she was able to pass me along their credentials package which has lots of extra info that their website doesn't have. hopefully with this inside information and my own semblance of self-confidence, i'll do fine. right? right....

i should do some cramming and try to come up with a good answer to "tell me about yourself" that doesn't sound lame or rehersed. instead, i'm trying to decide if i should wear a pink button-down with a subtle, small gingham pattern or a red and white polka-dotted shirt with a mandarin collar. c is leaning for the pink option and i'm leaning for the red. i've also got on a nice looking (ironed) brown to-the-knee skirt with a kickpleat, brown tights and my prettiest cardigan with lovely satin trim that kind of creates the look of a peter-pan "collar". either way, pink or red, i'm sure i'll be fine in the dress department.

okay, nerves, please leave. that's an order!

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