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January 31, 2005 - 10:06 pm

today was a disapointing day all around. no upper management acknowledged that today was my last day. there was no cake, no card and no "it's been great working with you" handshakes. the small creative department bought me lunch, the receptionist sent me an online hallmark card and i got a few hugs from the people who i liked in my department at the end of the day. i left and it was all so anti-climatic. i won't return to the office again, yet i'll be dealing with all the same clients and projects and problems. this ending is more like a long slow leek.

when i got home, i watched two very stirring documentaries on cbc. one was about the innu in davis inlet and i cried and felt so helpless. then i watched a documentary on romeo dallaire where i cried some more but also felt a sense of hope. somewhere in between i managed to make a dinner out of nothing and make it fantastic -- i think me and miss jennyj were on the same train of thought. i took some near-expiration date vegetables, a tin of stewed tomatoes, some chicken, garam masala, left-over homemade cranberry/apple chutney from xmas and mixed everything together and poured it all over some couscous. it was nothing short of spectacular, but i still felt like shit afterwards.

i've just read over the 5 page contract for the new company and realized that it alludes to a certain "attachment A" that doesn't exist. i'm sure no one fully reads contracts, but it pertains to what services as a "supplier" i will owe this new company and i want to be damn sure that i am well aware of what i'm supposed to supply them of! the shitty thing is that i will be paid at the end of february, rather on the comfortable every 2 weeks that i've grown accustomed to. oh well, it's only a one month contract and i hope to have better oppportunities with better companies around the horizon.

as my january month of "embark" ends...february's "seek" begins. who knew that my $20 dollar nikki mcclure "wishes and dreams" calendar would be such a soothsayer for 2005?

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