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November 28, 2004 - 2:16 pm

last night i made the most beautiful christmas stocking. it's made out of a pair of old brown cords and it has the loveliest vintage fabric cuff (an old curtain of mine -- brown and white geometric 60's print). for a festive touch i added some red rick-rack as a trim and a pretty matching ribbon for hanging. so pretty! i did it all without a pattern and because i am absolutely shitty with spacial relationships, there was a lot of swearing as i tried to figure out how to sew the cuff on. after several tries (i felt a bit dumb since c could immediately tell what the problem was!), i got it working perfectly. this morning i made another one (this time using some remenants of a very pretty elfin girl reprodepot fabric) lickety split! i will definitely create a pattern out of some cardboard (if i can find some) and this will be the basis of this year's easy-but-pretty xmas craft. i'm so excited that i've now got some basis for what i'll be making for friends this year....and it's early too! besides some homemade candycane bark i'll fill the stockings with lots of good homemade things & some crazy finds at the european food importer on prior street and my ol' standby, van-china. it's also nice that i'm getting to be friendly with the sewing machine that cornelius gave me as my birthday present...it's my first time really using it for a project. have i also mentioned that i already know what i'll be making as a xmas card? well, i do! now i wish that my dvd holds from the library would come in because i want to make crafts and watch freaks and geeks in my spare time!

this morning was lovely. we worked on the crossword and got pretty far with it before c had to head off to work. we checked out last week's answers and realized why we sucked so bad last time....it was filled with all kinds of trickery, like @, *, % and & symbols. not fair at all!

yesterday i didn't go thrift shopping, but i made it a priority for next weekend. next saturday i've got plans to go to surrey to visit the mcc and the vv with kristen. it should be lots of fun, as they are hands down my most favorite stores. i tried looking for boots yesterday but didn't find anything that was suitable enough....they either didn't fit my calves or they were too ugly or were more than i wanted to spend. i did pop into work to email myself some work, but my telus account was too full that it never got delivered to my home email account. i think that means, i'll be riding myself into gastown today to try and send the email again. oh well, at least it's a sunny and warm day!

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