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November 27, 2004 - 9:25 am

today is saturday and i'm torn about what to do. next week is going to be insanely busy at work and i'm actually thinking of going into work today to start a project just to ease the craziness of next week. or i could just go thrift store shopping for xmas presents or find the perfect pair of boots for me. tommorrow i will stay home and watch movies and make crafts and my xmas cards and drink hot chocolate. i'm excited about that and maybe i'll even have friends over to craft with me. but today is another matter completely.

this whole week at work was pretty busy but i only stayed late one night, so i think that's pretty good. i'm starting to feel part of the team -- which sounds pretty gay, but its good that i don't feel like such an outsider anymore. my own internal freak-outs about my job are also disapearing slowly. when a problem arises, i can actually go though all the steps i need to, to figure it out. everything will come easier with practice and i can wait for that.

enough fucking work talk! does anyone else hear that supreme's song "you keep me hanging on" in the new u2 song (the one in the ipod commercial)? i've always hated u2 and now i have another reason to keep it up.

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