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October 31, 2004 - 11:08 am

so of course, i've decided to take the job offer -- that is, if they do offer it to me! how could i not? i need to advance and learn more and accept challenges! not only do i need to prove to others that i can do a good job, but i need to prove it to myself. i've often struggled with my own perceptions of myself, even though i know i'm more than able to do most anything i set my mind to. obviously, my boss thinks i can do the job and has recommended me for the position, so what do i have to be afraid of??

i'm going to call my boss at home today, as she did give me her number to call this weekend in case i had any questions. and i do have questions! i'm not fully certain if this is an interview or a meeting, but i want to be prepared regardless. i need to know how to negotiate a salary. my boss told me what she was offered when she was first hired three years ago, but says that since i've been there a year already & won't have to be trained as much, that i should ask for more. but how? do i ask for $5,000 more than i hope to get? if anyone has any tips, please let me know! also, as this is a promotion, what kind of questions should i be asking?? any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

i'm getting my hair cut today and i've got the perfect outfit to wear that makes me look not just cute, but as professional as i can hope to be. i've got the outside done, now i just need a tune-up on the inside. any help with my questions or any words to calm my nerves will be greatly appreciated!

i really really want this job.

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