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November 02, 2004 - 7:17 pm

man, this election is creeping me out. don't get me mad!!

i've had a few beers at the alibi after work today that i desperately needed. i had my salary negotiation today and it went horribly. not only did i agree to two horrible offers because i'm a lame ass negotiator but then i realized, hey, that's a bad deal for me, so i spoke again with the owners & we'll have to postpone our next salary negotition until thursday. fuck. i kept getting those "well, at least i'm not fired" thoughts which is stupid stupid silly and so i originally accepted 2 salaries that are paid well below what i currently make. like i said, stupid girl! so the torture will be delayed as one of the owners will be away tommmorrow, so meetings will start again the next day. damn. cornelius is trying to coach me on standing firm & i've come up with a number which is my "NO way jose" number. i was fueled by my direct boss to ask for more so that's what i did this afternoon before anything was writen in stone. i've got my fingers crossed & i've got to be firm with what i believe in. eeek!!

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