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October 14, 2004 - 11:29 am

last night we painted our hallway red. it's very dramatic and dark. i love it. we'll definitely need to get some more lighting so that we can read all our book titles that will soon line our ceiling once again. this morning i just painted our book shelves a glossy black. unfortunately, i'm using oil paint and it will take all day to dry so our apartment resembles a landmine of danger. boards are balanced on paint cans, videos and chairs and there is very little room to walk. it also smells to high heaven and my eyes are starting to hurt! i feel bad for snoopy the cat who has nowhere to go and keeps squeeking at me wondering when all this mess and stink will end. our apartment definitely looks like a crazy fun house tho. each room a different colour: hallway = red, kitchen = orange, bathroom = jamaican blue-green, livingroom = robin's egg blue, bedroom = latte. i guess i've now painted every room in the house. next, i'd love to rip out the carpet in our hallway and livingroom and paint the floors! i better quit while i'm ahead -- or something...

so i'm defintely not working the rest of this week. yikes. my paycheque for the past 2 weeks will only be for 10 and a half hours. yikes! i've got to start planning on what to do next. fuck.

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