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October 17, 2004 - 11:47 am

yesterday i realized that i really miss not having the weekends to hang out with cornelius. he works every saturday and sunday and not being able to sleep in together or ride our bikes to find adventure just plain sucks ass. yesterday was a beautiful day and i wasted it by being sleepy and unmotivated. i did however manage to vote for wards (tho vancouver voted no) and make a delicious vegetarian lasagna, so i guess that's okay. kristen and dan flaked out on going to the show at the astoria, so it was just me and c. the cr1sta m1n were really good but i wasn't into it at all. i don't know who the 2nd band was, but it was like watching a train wreck...the girls singing needed MOVES in a bad way. i couldn't watch them at all. we left a few songs into the main band. i hadn't seen them in years since i last saw them at miss t's and i still wasn't into them. cornelius thought they sounded too much like modeski martin and wood. not a compliment. i also know way too much about a member of the band so my judgement is coloured for the worse.

today i woke up with a sore throat. i hope i'm not getting sick because i'm actually working tommorrow. i can't be sick. i won't be sick. today helping my friend with some html. a few weeks ago, she gave me a quick print tutorial, so now it's my turn to swap my knowledge. sadly, our apartment is still in a major state of disrepair so i'm going to have to make it looks just a bit less like a warzone.

it's raining today. i had forgotten that fall also has a downside.

ps. last night i tried to install adobe streamline to my computer, but i realized i don't have mac classic installed. will i have to reinstall os9 again? will it coexist with osx? i'm scared. help me.

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