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October 08, 2004 - 4:54 pm

i had my doctor's appointment and i don't have a fibroid tumor in my uterus. phew! after thinking i've had one since february, i only find out now. i really need a new doctor asap.

today i picked up my paycheque from work and things are looking slow in the office. i will be coming in on wednesday to cover a shift for my boss, but that will probably be it for next week. i need a new job fast!

i went to the drive to pick up supplies for the 3 thanksgiving dinners that i will be present at this weekend. on saturday, dan and pam will come over and i'll be making most of the spread. on sunday, i'll be bringing a homemade pie to c's parent's house for a family dinner. and on monday, i'm heading over to kristen's to attend my first vegan thanksgiving dinner. yes, there will be tofurky. i still haven't heard from her what i should bring and i'm hoping wine is good enough.

i'm actually excited to make dinner and all the preparation that comes with it. the weather outside is meant for staying indoors and feeling cozy and that's just what i want to do. i'm not so much looking forward to sunday. i always feel weird at c's parent's house tho. i feel like a kid and i hate that feeling. i'm not comfortable and every conversation and action seems forced. i also wish i could spend thanksgiving with my parents. i haven't seen them since last september and i know they would really love me to come for a visit. i hope i can make it sometime before the end of the year.

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