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September 23, 2004 - 9:40 am

yesterday neither c or i had to work, so we decided to take the van out for one last spin. we decided to head to richmond to pick pumpkiins at a real farm but because of the weather (rain!) nothing seemed to be open. we settled on daiso (fun!) and checking out yoahan centre (a disappointment). when we were in daiso, we both felt like we were coming down with something, but managed to carry forth with our day. we headed to steveston, a touristy fishing village and wandered around and poked in stores. when it was time for home, we picked up some delicious thai take out for dinner and a dvd -- mayor of the sunset strip. the food was great, the movie was amazing, but c felt like he had been runover by a truck. he got sick and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen to me. luckily i'm not working for the rest of the week, but cornelius has a job interview tommorrow morning to get a "higher up" position at the library. i guess i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

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