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September 26, 2004 - 12:13 pm

because i always have time for mindless web surfing, i have joined the throngs of hip people who use audio scrobbler. have you always wondered what exact song i'm listening to on my itunes? well, now you know. cornelius is a fan of the scrobbler, so i joined to be his only online friend. i had to build his online confidence as he looks like a serial killer in his photo and quite frightening.

yesterday i went to see the new lukas moodysson movie at the film fest and it certainly wasn't what i was expecting. i didn't expect another sweet "together" or even the darker "lilya 4 ever", but this was definitely hard to watch. in university as a film major i sat through many transgressive films and didn't find any of those as shocking or boring as this one. after the movie, i met up with cornelius and we headed to randy's for a salmon dinner and some board games. we played "apples to apples" (boring), "pit" (always a joy!) and poker (i've never played before).

today i'm free. i'm open to ideas and suggestions. i really should go to the gym or try out the pilates dvd i took from the library. i also should tackle my blazer and other projects that i have on the go. i think i might have this next week off work which is okay as i've got to get my own shit together and start getting things done. but it also means i can't go on a spending spree for fall clothes and new shoes. well, i think i can budget for at least one pair of shoes....

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