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September 17, 2004 - 9:31 am

i had fantasies that september would bring me time. i was prepared for the fact that my standard of living would decrease and i was excited. i couldn't wait for september 3rd at 4pm so that i could say my goodbye's to my temp job and say my goodbye's (at least temporarily) to working 5 days a week. i was prepared for 2 days a week max and looking forward with the possibilities it afforded me.

ah, pipedreams! my other job immediately stepped up to the plate and started asking me after each shift "can you come in tommorrow?" and of course, how could i turn it down? they pay me a large sum of money per hour to design for them. the company website that i designed just launched and looks lovely and i feel pretty good about my work there (well, when i'm not covering for my boss that is). but really, it's not what i want. because i am freelance, i can make my own hours and i'll ask for just 3 days a week -- mondays through wednesdays i think i can handle. yup, i'll tell 'em that on monday. luckily i have today off -- unlucky for me, i'll have to work on the weekend.

sorry for all the boring work talk. i could fill you in on how i yelled at c the other night or how we've gone out for late-night pie three days in a row where only one had been edible enough for me to eat (c is less picky when it comes to pie). or how i've got today to myself and plan on making a trip to dressew to pick up ribbon to dress up my blazer. i also have to create a study plan for my friend carley, as tommorrow morning will be our first day of our learning swap -- she'll fill me in on the print world and i'll fill her in on the web world. i'm pretty excited about it. i just have to get my ass in gear to get all of the prep work done.

really, i've got no rights to complain about anything.

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