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September 13, 2004 - 11:06 am

last night i installed osx. i am now on par with the future. sure, there are some things that bug me....like why is my mouse running so weird? or those cartoony animations on the toolbar (though i admit some satisfaction watching the imovie icon go "poof" when i removed it from the "dock".) i also installed a bunch of new software, but my illustrator isn't running so i'm kind of bummed. there was apparently an error when i installed it, so i'm at a loss, but that's what i get for using "borrowed" software. regardless, i'm still very happy with the change. it's like a whole new computer or something, tho i'd prefer a new g5 to my soggy old g4. if anyone has any osx tips or tricks, please let me know. i'm a real luddite. really.

i asked not to work today and good thing too, cuz it's rainy and awful. it's the perfect day to stay indoors and listen to kool keith and the ultra magnetic mc's. i finished this book in one day. so good. i now can't decide if i should finish one of the books that i've already started (this one or this one) or just start reading the last harry potter book. i don't feel so bad on days like this when these are the choices i have to make.

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