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August 14, 2004 - 8:30 am

it's been a hectic crazy week of work. i was stressed and encountered problems but somehow managed to solve everything that came up at the very last minute. i got a gigantic cheque on thursday and felt like it was some kind of consolation prize: something to appease my stomach that was tied up in knots all week. i decided to take friday off and didn't work at all.

c and i got up early and headed on our bikes to the slocan family restaurant where we had a yummy diner breakfast while watching the olympic opening ceremonies. our waitress sang the greek anthem and told us how the ceremony was giving her goosebumps and how she was taping the entire event for her granddaughter who is only 10 months old. being at the restaurant with an enraptured greek audience made me a bit less jaded and cynical then i tend to be at such things. it was a great experience -- and the breakfast was fantastic too.

after our breakfast, we headed to playland. last year we had so much fun there but this time we were disappointed in the lack of rides. we rode the wooden coaster a few times and went on the ferris wheel (my absolute favorite ride in the world) but i was really feeling the hot sun and just felt like it wasn't worth it to stay any longer. however, we did vow to come back for an evening at the pne to take pictures and see the different shows and events. we rode our bikes back home with a quick stop for a skor blizzard at dairy queen. regardless of how crappy i felt at playland, it was the perfect break from work.

today i'm heading into the suburb with friends to c's parent's house. his parents will be away and we're going to live the suburban dream for a day or two. we've got croquet and bocci ball planned, bbq action, cocktail preparation and even a sleepover! it will be a mini-vacation away from our hot apartment, the computer and the phone. i'm excited!

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