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August 15, 2004 - 3:03 pm

what a fun weekend i had! who knew that escaping into the suburban wilds of suburbia (aka north burnaby) was exactly what i needed. i mean with good friends, good food, good games, croquet and lots of cocktails how could anything go wrong?

yesterday c and i picked up dan and pam and we headed for costco to stock up on supplies -- we were afterall in the suburbs so we had to take on suburban tradition.....and what's more suburban than costco? after loading up on meat and organic greens, we set up shop in c's (empty) parents house. the first thing to come out was the blender so that we could set up the croquet game with a margarita in hand. next up, the bbq where we heated up pakoras to snack on before dinner. we played a lively game of croquet and it's good to know that i've got some chops. when i play with c's family, i always come in dead last but yesterday i came in second behind cornelius, of course. after playing in the sun we grilled up some chicken satays and some italian sausages and feasted like kings. pure gluttony indeed. sadly, c had to head to do a short shift at the theater, but dan, pam and i held it together until his return with rounds of "big boggle" (5 letter minimum, no plurals), strawberry daqueries, and scategories. we ended the night with kill bill 2 which was disappointing and went to bed in safe and sound suburbia.

this morning we arose to read the paper, drink coffee and pull out the bbq for one final hurrah. we had to head back early as c had an afternoon shift at the library, so we waved north burnaby goodbye and made a vow to return. we've got c's parents car for the next two weeks and we've got next weekend free. hopefully next time we'll venture a little further than a 20 minute drive east.....bowling in coquitlam? the possibilities are endless!!

so here i sit in our hot little 1 bedroom apartment and am i dreaming of a split-level home with a vast yard and a fridge stocked with prepared foods? nope. i'm pretty happy with my homemade ice tea in hand, my brightly coloured walls and cracked ceilings. it's nice to take a vacation, but i wouldn't change a thing!

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