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July 22, 2004 - 5:24 pm

i haven't been feeling the rock lately, but i'm hoping that this weekend will get me going again. actually, there is actually too much going on that i'm not quite sure what to do. last week, i ran into rob and he got me all excited to see his band play covers from a k-tel children's album. plus a band of 10 and 12 year olds will be opening up!! how great does that sound? but that's on friday.....the same night also holds a show at the main i'd like to see and it would also be good to see the good folks of p:an0 playing that night at another venue too. what's a girl to do when there is such a rock pour like this?? then i opened up a local mag and saw an interview with the c1nch and that cinched it...so to speak. i haven't seen them since i couldn't get into their last show at the anza (cuz i was too busy chatting outside), and it would be great to see some good peoples again. i'm excited to feel that good ol' rock n' roll flowing again. i'm also a bit excited to see !!! on sunday but i've got a staggette to go to, so we'll see how things go.

last night was the opposite of rock, but it was still fun. we drove out to daiso and i got my very first glimpse of the "mall of the future", aberdeen centre, which looks like cross between a mondrian print and hello kitty. pretty sweet! i got a few things but even when faced with the fact that everything in the store is two dollars i still had a hard time opening those purse strings. i guess i've got restraint but i did manage to buy some eyeshadow, some egg cookers that fry your eggs to look like chickens (for a gift!), and some deer iron-ons (another gift!). the next stop was ikea as we needed to return some stuff. while in the parking lot of the richmond ikea i felt a wonderful tropical breeze! crazy but true. it felt so wonderful just standing out by the car. richmond, who knew??

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