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July 20, 2004 - 4:36 pm

my day wasn't as difficult as i had imagined. i was at work by 10am, designed some things and was home by 2:15pm on the dot. phew! when i came home, i was greeted by a very clean bathroom floor that c had washed and scrubbed (tho he always washes and scrubs around things like the garbage can instead of removing the trash can and washing underneath....but that's just minor quibbles). i was very pleased. we headed to the park to run under the water sprays and then ran grocery errands at our 2 neighbourhood shops. we then made yummy sandwiches where i dolloped some mango chutney under some thinly sliced red onions, rosemary ham, topped with cheese and then broiled to perfection. mmmm.

and speaking of food (as i often do), i have found the most wonderful food blog: www.chocolateandzucchini.com. a woman in france writes beautifully about food, with lots of recipes and photos. i'm smitten. so my ham and cheese had nothing on her fig and mozzarella sandwich, who cares?

and in another food related note, i cannot get enough of minute maid limeade. normally, i make all of my lemonades/limeades/ice-teas from scratch cuz they taste way better. but last week i bought 2 frozen cans of the green stuff cuz i was craving popsicles and figured out it might be tasty. countless popsicles and icy beverages later, i'm hooked. the slight greenish tint looks summery and looks even better with in a vintage glass with lots of ice and a pink straw or frozen onto a lime green popsicle holder. yummy.

last night i solved my dilemna on what to get for randy and anita's wedding present. i bought the latest issue of bust magazine and inside it had step by step instructions on how to make frosted barware. so tommorrow evening we'll head to richmond to browse michael's, daiso and ikea for the needed stuff. a nice bottle of scotch will accompany the doctored glasses...plus anything else i can find! now i've got to get to work as i've got some freelance stuff to take care of before tonight's episode of the "amazing race".

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