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June 29, 2004 - 7:03 pm

excuse my rant.

i had to call the police twice today -- 15 minutes apart -- because 2 young guys were shooting up and smoking crack endlessly across the street from our apartment. actually, they were doing this in front of a children's waterpark where 2 and 4 year old kids were running around. the police didn't come and 20 minutes later, the two dudes left. i was so fucking pissed off! i had just come back from commercial drive where we saw 2 different groups of police busting people for selling pot. actually, everytime i go to commercial now i see cops busting up pot sellers. i've lived on commercial for 10 years and never encountered anyone smoking crack or shooting up, yet the cops are on that hood like gangbusters. granted this is the first time i've seen such blatent crack/smack use in our neighbourhood, but it pissed me off that the police didn't even show up. i mean there are kids underfoot, it's very light outside and there are families everywhere....a potentially dangerous situation if someone got ahold of a needle or a broken crack pipe. grrrr.

end of my rant.

other than that, my day has been pretty great. i got to leave work a bit early and i ran through the waterpark in an attempt to cool myself off. the weather here has been so fantastic that i can't imagine what it could feel like to be rained on or even wear a sweater. i love this!! my bike rides in the morning and in the afternoon are wonderful...nice bookends to being glued to my computer in my air-conditioned office. luckily my office is air-conditioned! and speaking of the office, i'm off work for the rest of the week! thursday is a statutory holiday (canada day for those not in the know) and my work will also be closed on friday! i usually don't work wednesdays, and this week is no exception. tommorrow, i'll be going hiking with cornelius and dan up seymour mountain. we're hoping to find some nice lakes to swim in and some alpine meadows to lie in. summertime? bring me more!!

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