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June 28, 2004 - 6:55 pm

this morning i woke up all bright and early and voted. i'm hoping everyone voted too cuz i for one certainly don't want the fucking conservative party leading our country. i voted with my heart and voted for jack. i'm not one to play games, so i didn't vote for the liberals just to vote for the lesser of two evils. it's very strange watching tv and seeing how the east has already voted while the stills are still open out here in the west. everyone who can vote, you better VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

as for the weekend, it was fabulous! we met up with dan and pam for breakfast in bellingham and then shopped like pros until well into the afternoon. we arrived in anacorte by 7pm only to find out that there were no hotel/motel rooms anywhere on the island! we were told by a couple hotel clerks that even mount vernon and other nearby communities were all booked as well, due to a baseball tournament in anacortes. luckily we ran into randy and anita and they had scored the very last room to be found in 30 miles and we decided that all 6 of us would hole up together. it actually turned out to be lots of fun. they had a large room, cable tv and we had the beers, ben & jerry's chubby hubby, and various flavours of tim's cascade chips. i went to bed with a bad drunk and felt like i'd puke at various points in the night and worrying how i could do it without puking on pam's head or stepping on dan's feet. but somehow, i managed to keep it all in and woke up no worse for wear.

in the morning, we managed to score a 2 bed hotel room a block away from the wedding location that we would share with dan and pam. phew! the major worry of the day was over and we headed off to find a good breakfast. we then headed over to the department of safety to lend a hand to the preparations. kyla showed up a few hours later and was naturally stressed out and panicked, but we got lots accomplished and made the hall look fucking awesome. i then headed back to the hotel to put together and ice my 2 cakes. i'll definitely have to post pictures soon because the cakes looked amazing, my cake decorating skills enhanced by dan's homemade margaritas.

the wedding itself was fun! this was my first real wedding that i attended and loved it. i cried of course and was touched by all the things the family members said about sergio and kyla. and of course kyla looked beautiful in her red party dress and crinoline! the food appys were tasty and i didn't eat as much as i should have...i instead stuck to a beer meal. patsy got up and sang a great great song that could have been considered inappropriate (it was a song about the joys of maindenhood from the musical camelot) but it was amazing because of it. when randy got on with his dj duties it was a grand old time, and we danced up a storm. c didn't dance once (grrrrrr), so i had to do enough dancing for two. even when the cake buffet arrived, i still couldn't eat and i didn't get a chance to try out any of my cakes or any of kyla's. damn you beer!! damn you dancing shoes!!! but did i mention how much fun we all had? i cried one more time in the evening when i signed a book made by kyla's mom and wrote down my good wishes for my sweet sweet friend. i left the party well after 2am and was so thankful to have such a close-by hotel room. luxury.

the next morning, we all headed for breakfast and then went back to the DoS to meet up with kyla and say our goodbyes. it was a fantastically sunny day so we found a nice beach front park and played on the beach before heading back. of course, we had to make a stop in bellingham for a bit of thrift shopping and a very needed stop at casa que pasa for burritos and margaritas.

it was a fantastic weekend! good times were had by all, everybody looked beautiful and a few tears were shed. a lovely lovely introduction into the world of weddings.

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