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April 29, 2004 - 6:54 pm

i just licked the envelope for my tax return where inside i've placed post-dated cheques that i'll be paying until september. yikes! i can't find any stamps or i'd head out right now and drop it off in the local post box. i am so last minute this year....i guess it's because this time i'm shelling out big time to the gov and i didn't want to face facts until the very end. i even called the 1-800 tax centre's office to ask about the post-dated-cheque-thing and i got to speak to someone in less than 2 minutes which i think is a government record.

i was really enjoying all of this summer weather until i got to work today. working in hot weather sucks. i don't like wearing office-y clothing as i look like an over-dressed geek. it's not a pretty sight. and i'm sure you all want to know that my feet were all sweaty and prolly really stinky too....thankfully no one spent a lot of time around my desk! i should be grateful about this job cuz it's the only steady gig i've got. but it's hard cuz: one, i hate it. and two, it doesn't pay well. and hell, three, it's dragging me down. it is. but it's a pay cheque and soon i'll find something solid that i'm happy doing. right? right??

but on the good summer front, last night me and c went for gelato at night and during the day we drank beer on a sunny patio! whooo!

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