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February 28, 2004 - 9:53 am

i woke up this morning with a french song in my head: "ecole du merde"....which i could take for a bad sign, but i won't.

yesterday i met up with kyla for a matinee of "monster". i have always had a strong hate-on for charlize but she was pretty damn awesome in the movie. i'm going to have to see that nick broomfield documentary again tho, as i saw it 5 years or so ago and i swear aileen was a truck driver. both good movies. it was good meeting up with kyla. we chatted about our lives and then headed to a bar where we talked more and laughed and had a nice time. she had to meet serge at the bus depot and i walked home and cornelius met me along the way. instead of going straight home, we hopped on a bus on main street and headed to the main for a late souvlaki dinner and to see my friend's band play.

it looks kinda crappy out and i figure it's a good time to start painting our livingroom. the other day, we bought a pretty baby blue for our livingroom and a dark red for our hallway. i'm excited to get things done! we're actually doing our hallway in a theme....which is as close to trading spaces as it comes. we've decided on doing a '1950's chinese kitch" theme for our long hallway. we live practically in chinatown and we've got lots of rice paper lanterns and old chinese advertisements, so we figure it will work out well and be pretty to boot. cornelius also wants to head to the balmoral tonight to see ray condo play a free show, so hopefully we'll finish most of our painting by then (well, at least one room anyway!)

tommorrow, we'll be meeting up with our friends for some shuffleboard at the legion on main. whooo!

i've actually been typing this entire entry with a case of the hiccups. i will share my trick for getting rid of hiccups and it really does work: drinking a full glass of water upside down from the opposite side of the glass. cornelius told me that it was his tried-and-true method and i laughed...but it really does work! it's true.

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